Government Jobs In Sri Lanka

Every year the Sri Lankan government advertises jobs for the citizens in the various departments as well as ministries. The vacancies are created by those who retire and those that have died. Every government is mandated to provide employment for its citizens to keep the economy running and to beat the poverty index. Government jobs in Sri Lanka often have qualifications required for entry level.

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The department of health services ensures that quality health care is provided to people. Professionals required in this field include doctors, nurses and caretakers. There are openings almost every year in order to cover the ever increasing population in need of health care. Doctors are employed fresh from university. They may be from local universities or abroad.

The customs and excise department also has jobs for the citizens. The positions requiring filling up include auditors, accountants as well as inspectors at the borders and at the port as well. These are very involving jobs and they require people who are not corrupt since the economy and government revenue is gotten by them. It is their responsibility to see to it that every tax is collected and that the collected revenue hits the target.

The ministry of transport is responsible for overseeing the transportation industry in Sri Lanka. The jobs available in this ministry include opportunities for civil engineers. They are responsible for construction, maintenance and repair of roads. They also inspect transport projects whose tender is given to private individuals. One of the departments is the highways department that sees to it that the network of national roads is well maintained. Other departments of transport include sea, air and rail that serve the country. Airport and aviation services also have job opportunities every year.

Another opportunity of government jobs in Sri Lanka lies in the ministry of power and energy. Electrical and energy engineers are needed to see to it that there is constant supply of energy. There are various power plants already and more are being started to match the energy requirements in the country and therefore there are various opportunities to be filled in by technical staff too.

Sri Lanka is an agricultural country. The country boasts of a huge share of tea production and market in the world. This is due to the diplomats and marketers employed by the government to market the products of the country. It is run in the ministry of agriculture which also employs agricultural officials and inspectors to see to it that the quality of their produce like the tea and coconuts is maintained.

It is vital that the whole population stays educated in order to realize the development goals. The government employs teachers in various schools around the country be it primary or high schools through the ministry of education. The teachers are required to have undergone the necessary training for them to qualify for the job. The ministry of higher education too has opportunities for lecturers and other necessary course tutors in colleges and universities.

Information, communication and technology experts too have an opportunity to work for the government. The opportunity comes through the ministry of science and technology. The ministry was formed as a measure to cope with the recent rapid information, communication and technology development in the Asian continent.

The ministry of finance and planning provides work opportunities to accountants, economists and researchers too. They are responsible for planning the finances of the country as per the economy and population. Planners use the census figures to plan on future developments and budget as well. Involved departments include plan implementation and the government analyst.

Registration of persons as well as business institutions is vital for every government for it keep at bay with the growth of the economy and population as well. There is the department of civil birth and death registration that requires workers who can do data entry for registration of all people. Companies are also registered by the registrar of companies that employs the same kind of data entrants thus providing opportunities for government jobs in Sri Lanka.

For maintenance of law and order, there is the ministry of justice and law reforms which employs judges, public prosecutors, lawyers and law reformists. The required fields of qualification are lawyers as well as qualified judges and criminal investigators. Such people ensure that the law of the country is maintained and ensure that the governing constitution is one that is fair to all.

Quite a number of security government jobs in Sri Lanka are available every year. They include opportunities to join the military or the police force. The security of the country lies with the department of defense which employs army, navy and even the air force military officials. The police are required to enforce the law and order as stated in the constitution. With the rising rate of insecurity, more and more police officers are recruited every year. Prison wardens are also required in institutions of reform like jails to keep a watchful eye on the prisoners who are undergoing reform.

The department of welfare and social services employs people who see to it that people with special needs are well catered for. They also run a pension scheme for the citizens so that every person gets maximum benefits during retirement. They are responsible for overseeing that all children get their right to food, shelter and education through the department of probation and child services. Caring people are required to fit in these positions. Citizens who are abroad are followed by this department to see to it that they do not suffer in foreign countries.

Ministry of tourism is also a vital revenue source for the country. It employs people in the various reserves and famous tourist sites and locations. The coast also requires people who can manage it like environmentalists. Wildlife conservation is also vital because it also attracts a large number of tourists to the country and it is for this purpose that zoologists, biologists and researchers are employed. Government jobs in Sri Lanka are numerous every year and you can check this from the Sri Lankan government website.

Government Jobs In Sri Lanka

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