Government Jobs In Bihar

There are many individuals in the world today that are seeking jobs. It is frustrating at times because the job market has not always been what it should be for some people. However, if you find yourself looking for government jobs in Bihar, please note you are in luck because these are certainly available for you if you are interested in them.

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First, there is an Advancing Native Missions (ANM) career available. It is located in West Champaran. The qualifications are you need a Graduate Degree. To be a little more specific, you need an ANM degree from a qualified university. It is absolutely required. For this position, you are responsible for handling your assigned tasks. This was posted on November 18th, 2011 so act quickly to ensure you get the job that you are currently seeking.

There is a District Programme Coordinator job posted. This is also found in West Champaran within District Health Society. For this position, you must have a Masters Degree. This should be in Social Work or Social Welfare. A Rural Development degree will also work. These must be from a recognizes and esteemed university for it to hold up during the interview process. In taking this position, you are responsible for all assigned tasks. This was also put online the 18th of November, so be sure that you input all the information needed as soon as possible.

If you are interested in the Medical field, there is a doctor posting for you to read about. As previously stated for the other jobs, this is also found in West Champaran at District Health Society. As with any other high-end medical job, you need a Master’s Degree for this as well. You would need an MD or an MS from a recognized college or university. Obviously, this particular job requires that you look after all of your patients. This will require a great deal of studying but it is absolutely worth it.

A Senior Engineer is another possibility for individuals. Patna is the area in which this position is located at Bharat Electronics Ltd. You also need a Master’s Degree for this job, as well. They prefer a Bachelor of Engineering Degree, a Bachelor of Technology, a Master’s of Engineering, or a Master’s of Technology. All of these are acceptable. This posting was created on November 18th, so it is very recent and waiting for you to apply.

Another that you could try for is a Site Engineer. Patna is it’s area as well, specifically Rail Vikas Nigam Limited. A graduation degree is required, this means some sort of diploma certificate in Electrical, Civil, or Telecom Engineering. This is perfect if you are not interested in going to school for a long period of time. As we have stated over and over again, this was recently advertised and should be acted upon quickly.

There is a Computer Operator position up for grabs if this is what you are desiring. It is located in Patna, Prabhta specifically speaking. This career requires that you have a graduate degree. This means that you must be a graduate of some sorts. This is the only necessity for this particular career. You will be responsible for all computer related tasks given to you. If you are wanting to apply for this as soon as possible.

Another great job is the Data Entry Operator. As all of the other jobs have stated, this is located in Patna, however, you will be working in Bucolic Surveyor and Developer Private Lmt. A great company to work for, nonetheless. Earlier we discussed only needing to be a graduate and this is the same for this position as well. Here, you will need to maintain the daily data for the company itself. Work hard and graduate from school so that you can go on and obtain a career for life.

Decision Support is an interesting and unique career path to head down. Patna is also the place you will find it and Bharti Airtel Ltd is the company in which you be working. You will need four years of experience and you must be a graduate. This is in the Telecom industry so try and focus on that particular study.

For a Lower Division Clerk, you will be working in Patna specifically Central University of Bihar. You need five years of experience with a graduation degree. This is a government job because all universities are ran by the government.

To be a Personal Assistant, you must be a graduate with fifty percent marks. You will be working at the Central University of Bihar in Patna. You will handle the personal tasks of other individuals who are working for the University as well.

A District Resource Person can be a fun job to maintain. For this, please note the changes. You will be working in Sitamarhi at Aditi. For this, you should have at least five years of experience and you should have obtained at least a Master’s Degree. This is in the NGO and Social Services industry. This position is where you will be monitoring all all projects at a district level.

There is a career available at the same place (Sitamarhi at Aditi) called Monitoring and Evaluation Officer-cum-Account Assistant. It asks that you have approximately 2 years of experience along with some sort of graduate degree. They prefer that you have a Bachelors of Communications one.

You can apply to these jobs online if you would like to. There are various websites that you can go to in order to submit your cover letter and your resume. All you have to do is search for them. Look up the certain key words and of course, the location that is desired.

As you can see, there are plenty of government jobs in Bihar available if that is truly what you want. You must be educated in this manner in order to achieve these positions, but it is worth it if you are doing what you absolutely love. We wish you the best of luck.

Government Jobs In Bihar

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